Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) is a Detox Diet and Exercise Programme.
We are the only diet club that focuses on FAT loss.

There is an initial detox which can be quite challenging as you are eliminating all those nasties that your body has been consuming for a long time & this can initially affect your energy levels, your mood and just how you feel in general. BUT…. once your body adjusts which can take varying times for different people you WILL start to reap the benefits of which there are many:

• Reduction in lbs, inches & body fat
• Improved body composition
• Improved sleep patterns,
• More consistent energy levels
• An increased feeling of well-being
• Clearer skin
• Balanced hormones
• Increased mental alertness
• Improved immune system
• Greater vitality & zest for life
• Positive mindset

At Each meeting you will receive a weigh in and 30 Minute Interval Training class.
You will also get diet and recipie ideas along with access to the Kick Start Fat Loss Website giving you online workouts that can be completed from the privacy of your own home.