Looking for a Saturday Morning Challenge
Best Way to eliminate Puck from the System,
Join in, challenge yourself, Detox yourself… all While doing your bit for charity :)

Be Part of the Ultimate Gym Challenge!
In Aid of the Because I am a Girl Campaign!

Blow off the Post Puck Cobwebs with this Ultimate Gym Challenge
Suitable for all fitness levels just work at your own pace.

Entry Fee

€10 , €6 – under 16 minimum age 14

Being a girl anywhere is tough but even more so in the developing world.
You are more likely to be married off early have a child while still a child
Suffer violence and abuse, think only option is the sex trade.
We need to help educate and keep educating girls to meet their full potential
Allow them to get married and have kids out of their own choice.

Remember a Little Helps a Lot

All entrants to be entered for a FREE 3 month Gym Membership

2km Run
100 Kettlebell Swings
100 Squats
100 Walking Sandbag Lunges
100 Press Ups
100 Burpees
100 Crunches
2km Run

Weights : 8-12kg women, 12-16kg Men

All entrants to be set off in 1 Minute Intervals

* Guess your time – 1 Month Membership to Closet Time